Winter League

The GSMBA Winter League is open to all affiliated clubs which are able to play matches on two mats and is played between September and March.

Each match involves 8 players from each club to form 2 teams each of 4 players. A game is played on each mat and after an interval (usually for refreshments) the two home teams swap mats and another 2 games take place. Two points are awarded for each of the 4 games and a further 2 points for the club with the highest shot total for the four games, ie. 10 points per match.

It is the responsibility of the home team to send a match Results Sheet to the League Secretary so that it arrives within 3 days either as a scanned image by email or by using the email the result page on this website. The original sheet and score cards must be retained until the results are ratified at the end of the season. The results sheet can be downloaded here.

The League Tables will be regularly updated throughout the season as and when results are received by the League Secretary.

The menu to the left will give you access to the League Rules, the Match Fixtures (& Results), the latest Results & Tables and previous League tables.