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Winter League Match Fixtures & Results
The match fixtures for this year's Winter League are shown below once agreed. If the Fixture Secretaries spot an error/omission then please email the correction.

The Fixture Secretaries have been emailed a copy of the Results Sheet, however, you can print your own by simply downloading the file  - there is no need to Save the file, simply use the Open option, ensure the page layout of the resultant document is "portrait" and then print the number of sheets you require.

The Winter League tables will be updated as they are delivered.

If a match has to be postponed then please email the fixture change to the League Secretary as soon as possible so that this website can be kept up to date. The League rules state that BOTH teams must notify such changes.

The League Secretary will update the fixture below to reflect the result once he has received the detail from the Match Results Sheet (which should arrive within 3 days of the match being played). Please note that emails may not be acknowledged - the fact that the fixture is altered should be sufficient confirmation of receipt.

The times listed are the START times - players should arrive 15 - 30 minutes earlier so there is sufficient time to change, roll-up, etc. At least 30 minutes before the start time for the County Championships/Nationals matches.
COVID 19 Pandemic - No League



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 Away Team