Results of last evenings fixtures at Kingsway and Westbury

At Westbury Ripple ravens  bt  Westbury wellingtons  16-5  (Ravens 1 bonus point for scoring a 7)Westbury hurricanes bt Longhope  8-6Hurricanes bt Ravens 16-1Longhope bt Wellingtons  8-2Hurricanes bt Wellingtons  11-4Ravens bt Longhope 13-3 At Kingsway Yorkley kestrels  bt Kingsway  7-5Defford sapphires  bt Wotton hall gladiators 12-1Kestrels  bt  Sapphires  14-2Kingsway  bt Gladiators  13-1Kingsway  bt Sapphires 10-6Kestrels  bt … Read more

2021-22 County Championship Results:

Singles: Winner Ollie Hipkiss Runner-up Ryan Knight Pairs Winners Gill Johnson & Stewart Minchew Runners-up Ryan Knight, Ollie Hipkiss Over 55 Pairs Winners Jan Jennings, Graham Ewers Runners-up Gill Johnson & Stewart Minchew Triples Winners Ryan Knight, Ollie Hipkiss, Steve Holdsworth Runners-up Mike Dooley, Jill Dooley, Richard Clements Mixed Fours Winners Ryan Knight, Steve Holdsworth, … Read more

Ladies Charity Triples Competition

On May 25th Kingsway SMBC are holding a ladies triples competition to raise funds for the Cheltenham Oncology Unit. All clubs are invited to put in a triple to play with 3 woods each. Cost will be £18 per team, bacon butties and general refreshments will be available during the day. Contact Teresa Bruton, Tel: … Read more