Too hot to Bowl …

In view of the high temperatures forecast for Tuesday the 2 fixtures at Yorkley and Defford have been postponed. The re-arranged fixture at Yorkley will be on Tuesday August 30th, just one week before the finals but it’s the earliest available date we can book. Defford will let everyone know asap when the new date … Read more

Defford Sapphires played superbly….

Hi folks Another couple of good competitive evenings of matches this week at Yorkley and Ripple. Yorkley Kestrels featured on both nights, winning 5 of their 6 matches, although 3 went down to the last ball on the last end for wins by a single shot. Their defeat was a real hammering by bottom team … Read more

Shock start to the evening…

Hi folks Update after last evening at Yorkley. Shock start to the evening with the league leaders being beaten at home by the bottom team 7-1. Top team of the night were Defford diamonds with 2 wins and a draw. All 4 teams won at least one game so everyone went home happy. Nice to … Read more

2021-22 County Championship Results:

Singles: Winner Ollie Hipkiss Runner-up Ryan Knight Pairs Winners Gill Johnson & Stewart Minchew Runners-up Ryan Knight, Ollie Hipkiss Over 55 Pairs Winners Jan Jennings, Graham Ewers Runners-up Gill Johnson & Stewart Minchew Triples Winners Ryan Knight, Ollie Hipkiss, Steve Holdsworth Runners-up Mike Dooley, Jill Dooley, Richard Clements Mixed Fours Winners Ryan Knight, Steve Holdsworth, … Read more