Each match was given a starting time….

Hi folks

A good evening at Yorkley yesterday, and all finished and away by 9:40. Which proves we don’t have to be playing late into the night. Each match was given a starting time, 7pm, 7.50, 8.50 with the 10 minutes tea break and it worked down to the second.

Hopefully this can be become the norm at fixtures in the future.


Ripple Ravens 7 Yorkley Merlins 1
Yorkley Kestrels 9 Longhope 3
Kestrels 9 Ravens 1
Longhope 15 Merlins 2
Kestrels 17 Merlins 1
Ravens 5 Longhope 3

The Kestrels go back to the top, on shot difference. Next round of matches are tomorrow at Ripple followed by a busy next week at Defford, Westbury and Wotton hall. (Calendar)

League table attached